... and welcome to my inner-most thoughts; a place of escape, excitement and adventure!

A very sound person once asked me "Why do do you even bother?" (to write, that is... I think that's what she meant anyway).

Well, to tell you the truth, I grew frustrated at how many  books  out there just weren't "for me" (a bit like the guy who started Penguin Publishing: he wanted "a good book, at a reasonable price", while I  wanted "a thrill and a laugh that wasn't totally crap", but you get my drift).

Most of my favourite authors – including Stella Gibbons, Raymond Chandler, George MacDonald Fraser, John Mortimer, James Thurber, Douglas Adams, P.G. Wodehouse, and Dot Parker... to name a few – were dead. This had the rather unfortunate consequence of  running out of their books to read, since none of them were  putting out any new material. At least none that I could access on this corporeal plane.

So I started to write the books that I wanted to read, instead of waiting for someone else who might never come to the rescue.

I hope you enjoy my jottings too: if you like action, adventure, the supernatural, science fiction, intrigue and a good laugh, we're going to get along like a house on fire.

I wish I could shake your hand and thank you personally for taking the time to visit these pages, but since we’re online I’ve left this message instead and hope it makes up for me not meeting you at the door.Thank you very, very much for your kind thoughts and patronage.  I send you good thoughts, wherever and whenever you are, and hope that all of your  dreams (well, the good ones, anyway) come true.

Your friend

Kit ///

What they said:

“Tell him he should be sent to the Congratulatorium”
~ John Clarke

“This is very good Kit – you should do it professionally.”
~ Shaun Micallef

“Dare I compare thee to Roald Dahl?”
~ Kerrie Window, 3RRR Book Reviewer, and Queen of Dymocks

"I prefer Molière..."
~ Mick Molloy

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